New feature announcement

From now on, we will make one of a kind for each colorway batch, slightly different from the others, and call them Blacksheep. They will not appear in our sale images to keep it secret and as a surprising element. Not every colorway will have Blacksheep. Also, we will make a few more things to help you recognize between a Blacksheep colorway and the usual colorway.

If you’re curious why we do this, most of the things we do are just for fun, and this is no exception. We find it maybe interesting to collect, plus exciting to win them.

How to identify the Blacksheep colorway:

There are two ways to identify which is Blacksheep colorway

  1. Different from usual colorway in pattern/part color / … (E.g. Fig.01)
  2. Different from the ID Card, the Blacksheep colorway will have a hologram label on the front of the ID Card. (E.g. Fig.02)