Prototype of Ominous

The original idea comes from our childhood superheroes. We wanted to create a charming yet powerful character who is wearing a mask, fighting for justice. Rocketeer, Iron Giant, Ultraman, and Power Rangers, are a heavy influence on Ominous. 

A poster of Rocketeer (1991)

The sculpture portrays a masked humanoid. One feature that we insisted on keeping is the fin shape on the top of the helmet, which is such an iconic detail. It reminds us of the old day’s brave knights.  
The design of the upper part has references from Iron Giant and Ultraman. The lower part reflects 16th-century knights’ helmets with multiple vertical slits on the visor. The rear parts are dedicated to the Rocketeer helmet design. We love the Art Deco vibe on it so we decided to minimize the details and apply that pattern to the Ominous helmet.

The Iron Giant (1999)

The idea of the sculpture is pretty straightforward and we thought we could do it in a short time. Surprisingly, it took us the longest time ever to finalize a mold, compared to our other characters. We had to form the clay sculpture, sanding and polishing over and over again, discarding several prototypes. When it comes to a sculpture with a minimalist design, the asymmetric details are easily spotted. Defects show themselves instantly. This is a challenge for us to reach a higher level of perfection.

Clay sculptures of Ominous

Prototypes landfill

But, everything worked out in the end. We are finally finished with the final master, and we are very happy with the end result. 
Here’s the showcase of our first ever Ominous prototype cast, the colorway name is Twilight. Welcome to the world! 

Twilight Ominous in GID mode

An army of Ominous

Ssshh…! For those who patiently come down here:
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